The outcomes of the CONNECT4ACTION project are divided into the following work areas.

1. Engage stakeholders

During the course of the project, Connect4Action has built a community of like-minded people, with stakeholders coming from different disciplines related to the food innovation process. To join this community, you can register here. To become a member of the Connect4Action LinkedIn group click here.


2. Identify success factors

In order to identify and prioritise key factors to a successful communication as well as barriers to consumer acceptance of novel food technologies (and products), partners in Connect4Action have undertaken two comprehensive reviews of the existing literature; one on internal (between relevant disciplines) and one on external communication (with end consumers and the public). Read more about the two reviews and their main findings here.

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3. Diagnose barriers

A two-round Delphi study was performed in order to identify opinions and priorities of key end-users regarding the development of an effective communication strategy. Objectives included defining the problem, articulating key priorities, preferences and perceived barriers to effective communication, and providing possible solutions. Click here to see the results.

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4. Conceptualise improved dialogue

Based on findings from the previous work areas, Connect4Action has built a framework to conceptualise the improved internal and external communication at three different stages of the innovation process: screening, development, and application of novel technologies in product development. See the framework here.

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5. Develop toolbox

In order to improve communication during the food innovation process, a toolbox and two training modules have been developed. The toolbox consists of 7 tools plus a discussion forum and is accompanied by a set of two training modules targeted at young academics and industry professionals. Go to our toolbox section here for an overview of all tools and a link to the e-learning platform.