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Improving dialogue between consumer scientists and food technology experts during the food innovation process
Connect4Action conducted a workshop in order to discuss the communication needs at different stages of the food innovation process and how to improve the dialogue between consumer scientists and food technology experts. Initial recommendations from the literature review and the Delphi study were used as a basis for discussions, aiming to assess the feasibility of those recommendations and identify the phases of the innovation process where that type of communication was considered most important. Furthermore, different tools and actions to promote communication between technological and consumer/social sciences were discussed.

The innovation process is divided into two phases; the new technology development (NTD) and the new product development (NPD). Communication is important already during the NTD – but how to establish this communication is less clear. This may be due to the difficulty of studying technology acceptance independently from a specific product application. A suggested way of integrating consumer insights already in the NTD is to address consumers’ concern and risk perceptions related to the features of the technology. Food technologists can become more involved in consumer research, e.g. by helping consumer scientists to ask the most relevant research questions when studying consumer responses. Fast feedback from consumer/market experts is needed throughout the development process. This can be achieved via improved methods for studying consumer perceptions, and improved readiness by consumer/market experts to effectively interpret the results.

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Prototype framework for internal and external communication
Connect4Action has developed a framework outlining the key factors for an improved communication between food science & technology experts and consumer scientists within the innovation process. This framework is based on literature reviews and a Delphi study conducted in this project. In this framework the innovation process is divided into two distinct phases: New Technology Development (NTD, stages 1 and 2) and New Product Development (NPD, stages 3, 4 and 5) (Figure 1). The communication needs differ between those two phases, especially in relation to how consumer and market information should be integrated into the innovation process. The framework further distinguishes between two types of communication in the innovation process: internal communication within NTD and NPD processes, and external communication that integrates consumer views and market information to the innovation process.

 Internal and external communication between actors in the innovation process

For a more detailed presentation of the framework and an overview of the recommended key activities for internal and external communication throughout the innovation process, click here.

Click here to access a modified version of the conceptualized framework, based on input received throughout the project.

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