LEI Wageningen UR (LEI –DLO), The Netherlands


LEI - DLO was established more than seventy years ago as the stichting Landbouw-Economisch Instituut (Agricultural Economics Institute foundation) on the initiative of a number of agricultural organisations and with the support of the Dutch government. It is part of the Wageningen University and Research Centre.

LEI - DLO carries out economic and social research for governments, businesses and organisations. The results offer a solid basis for policy and are accompanied by advice that is tailored to the situation. Research relates to the green and blue spaces and to the entire food production chain. An increasing proportion of the research also focuses on international issues. Besides economists and econometricians, LEI is staffed by public administration experts, marketing specialists, sociologists, ethics experts and ICT experts. They also have specific  in-house experts  within the agricultural sectors.

LEI – DLO is the project Coordinator and Leader in Work area 1 (Engage stakeholders) and 7 (Management).

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