Listen to the CONNECT4ACTION podcast!

Listen to the CONNECT4ACTION podcast!

In the first part of this interview, project coordinator Karin Zimmermann introduces the CONNECT4ACTION project, its background, objectives and specific research methods. Former leader of the first research activities undertaken in this project, Isabelle van den Berg then continues to describe the recent work undertaken in the project.

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Ms van den Berg has since changed jobs and her position as work area 1 leader has been taken over by her colleague Dora Lakner, a staff member of the research partner LEI Wageningen UR.

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About Karin Zimmermann

karinKarin Zimmermann (Bsc RM), coordinator of the CONNECT4ACTION project, is a senior researcher in strategic marketing (European registered) and project manager at LEI Wageningen UR in the Netherlands. She studied farm economics at the applied University of Delft and has worked on various national and international projects, focused on consumer driven product development and food chain innovation, often in close cooperation with the food industry.

Since 2005, Karin has been actively involved in various EU-funded research projects, such as ISAFRUIT, Focus Balkans, PEGASUS, DG CLIMA, EuroDISH and CONNECT4ACTION. She is also the coordinator of a national market intelligence project for the Dutch horticultural sector.

About the research project

Focusing on increasing the success and consumer acceptance of products that use new food technologies, CONNECT4ACTION, a 3-year EU funded research project which started in 2011, aims to improve the communication between social and consumer scientists, food technology developers and consumers.