Join the CONNECT4ACTION group on LinkedIn!

Join the CONNECT4ACTION group on LinkedIn

By joining Connect4Action on LinkedIn, you will have the opportunity to provide input into various stages of the project, as well as an early access to project outcomes, communication tools and trainings.

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Additionally, the LinkedIn group offers you the possibility to access a network of social scientists, consumer scientists and food technology developers. We aim at bringing all stakeholders closer together and provide a platform for communication and exchange.  

Creating a CONNECT4ACTION community of interested stakeholders is the objective of the first work area of the project, called ‘Engage stakeholders’.

If you are:
• a consumer or social scientist,
• a food technologist,
• an ethical expert,
• a marketer,
• a policy maker,
• a journalist,
• a member of a consumer group,
• a member of an NGO related to food technology developments,

or a conscious consumer, then feel welcome to join our professional network!